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At Milestones Counseling Services I provide counseling to parents both individually and as couples. We work with blended and high conflict families as well as families who are simply looking for an outside perspective to help them become better parents.

As all parents know, having children can be both wonderfully joyful and an incredibly difficult journey. It is often difficult to understand our children’s thoughts and behaviors and difficult to set an example to those we care about the most. In parenting counseling we work to help you understand the attachment needs your child has and how best to meet those needs depending on the age and stage of development of your child.


We also work to help parents understand their own motivations behind their parenting behaviors and approaches. This helps parents recognize if their parenting behaviors are really an attempt to teach their children or if these behaviors are simply an emotional reaction to their child. This allows parents to take a “step back” and objectively view the problems they are having with their child from a new perspective and potentially make changes to help both  child and  parents become more connected and happy.

Other issues addressed include conflict resolution, affairs, couple’s communication, and pre-marital therapy.